I am so very sorry but I will not be able to open the forum again. I have been going through major ill health these past months. As I've been working my way through my health problems I hoped that there'd be the possibility of opening the forum again once I was well. It's becoming clear that this ill health is going to be an ongoing thing however, and it is exacerbated by stress, so my doctors are urging me to simplify my life as much as possible in order to avoid stress. In light of this it's not possible for me to continue running the forum. I am so sorry for the way I have dealt with this - I don't feel I handled it at all well and I apologise for the limbo I've left you all in. In each moment I thought I'd have more information in the next moment, and the time just went on in that way. Apologies again, Danu p.s. I hope to open it soon as read-only so the information on it will not be lost.

Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers - Forum
This bulletin board is currently closed. The Administrator has specified the reason as to why below.
Sorry for the delay in re-opening the forum - it's taking longer than we thought. We hope to have it up by 25th September. Thank you all for your patience. Danu and Light